Triple F Collection Owner: Who Owns Them?

The Triple F Collection owner is private. But first God, then the family, Super, and Hypercar daily are given priority in the ownership of the organization. But actually who owns the Triple F Collection?

The Frecka family is the owner of the Triple F Collection. The Triple F Collection is a huge collection of the world’s top 60 sophisticated and luxurious sought-after or means hypercars.

All about The Triple F Collection Owner Frecka Family

The Frecka Family is now estimated to be the $60 million dollars owner only by a collection of hypercars that’s called “Triple F Collection”. The collection is a vehicle for a charitable endeavor that has raised about $ 500,000 for Ohio-based nonprofits so far.

History of Triple F Collection

Jordan Frecka said in a report, “We ended our family business and started collecting different types of cars with my father and my brother. We collect cars for Make a Wish Foundation, for Nationwide Children’s, you know we love to drive.

We also did a lot of creative work sitting in the garage. We want to make something more exceptional through this charity. And we want to work with those who are more enthusiastic and share them to do something new. So far they have collected more than 60 cars.

My dream was to draw something like a “car”. My mom always inspired me to do this the right way, she says, one day I can own a Lamborghini. Yes, it is right now. Today he is using many more overseas vehicles, including Lamborghini, for Ohio-based charities that have raised about $500,000 so far. Today I am amazed to be able to do the work of my own will, passion, and choice and also be helpful to others.

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A historical event of the world championship owner of Finland

It was a historical event of the world championship owner of Finland, where the first man did beat Jone Watson and become champion only by an interval of just five points, the championship owner name is Keke. It was the first and only event, he won one GP in 1982.Fact 2.

The third is an indication of Gender Cage’s return time when he came out of self-imposed exile and gave birth to the first world idea of the triple package. Explains the improbable features of the Triple package and the rise and fall of cultural groups in America Triple.

Triple Crown has a significant role to play, with Misha Burton and other Triple Crown winners including Sir Barton, Gallant Fox, Omaha, War Admiral, Whirlwall, Count Fleet, Assault, Citation, Secretariat, Seattle Slim, Affirmed, American Pharoah, and also Justify. This is the Triple F Collection subreddit, which is a personal, family-owned daily-driven hypercar collection! Tanner is one of the 4th generations of the Krauss family, Who led Kum & Go.

His Father and Kraus Group

His father is followed by Kyle Krauss, CEO, and chairman of Kraus Group. He was formerly known as M.F. John Luke was a well-known figure, one of the few gentlemen who did not grow a large and attractive beard, although he has since stopped shaving like everyone else in the family.

The original Chiron is the part of Triple F Collection, which is a family of owners who drive a huge collection of supercars and hypercars. At apartment 1303, Oct 19- 2019, had the opportunity to change the lifetime misfits of the ground and the face of music history. And again they acquired to change the misfits when they won the crown of the world’s band in a famous arena, at Madison Square Garden in 2001.

During this time, the Triple F Collection had a barning time to build up their growing family collection. Johnstons was working on it as a family builder. Johnston built a large barn on their farm to accommodate their growing family in 2001. Triple Eight Race Engineering has announced that top businessman Tony Quinn has become the main shareholder of the champion team. It was a private and family own collection that is continuing and known as well for everyone. 

How did the Triple F collection get so rich?

Jordan Say about Triple F Collection- 

”Jason and I (Jordan), for the company have worked at the highest level for about 15-20 years to increase the company’s construction work and sales. Although we are young, we have done our best. But many of us are faced with various queries and questions, where about 95% are frustrated by the wrong answer. We promise we’ve matched our popular course for everyone. ”

Next Generation Films Inc
Next Generation Films Inc

Originally they had a manufacturing business. The name of this business is Next Generation Films Inc, now called Charter Next Generation Films, Which we made clear in Jordan’s statement, which did really well and they sold it somewhat recently.

They plan to do a documentary about it, but it tells their story when they are ready. The company was founded in 1996 by Dave Freca, who originally made plastics for various food companies, Amazon, Los, etc., which he later tagged with Dan Nice.

Freca became acquainted with his father for about 20 years, and eventually, he started his own business.  Now just have to enjoy the content and they are so open with their collection. 


  • New for 2022– Double the event space & Larger Hypercar Area!
  • Start Schedules – Sunday, June 5th
  • Mercedes-Benz of Easton
  • 300 Morse Crossing, Columbus, OH

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Money Does Triple F Collection Make From YouTube?

They income $212 daily for advertising on their  Triple F Collection’s YouTube channel, it’s become weekly about $1,486, monthly it’s revenue $5,354, and annually it’s about $45,315. 

What is the total value of the Triple F Collection?

Currently, the total value of the Triple F Collection is about $60 million in hypercars only. The net worth of the Triple F Collection’s channel through 16 May 2022 estimated amount is about $70,037. 

How many cars does the Triple F Collection have in stock?

In 2022, the Triple F collection owns 12 cars in their collection. They are: 

FORD GT 2019

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